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Monday, August 6, 2012

Trik How to install Windows 7 using a USB Flash (Pen) Drive

Don't you have a DVD Rom? Oh how can you install Windows 7 on your computer without a DVD rom? Here is the solution. Now we can use Flash(Pen) drives ti install windows 7 to a new computer which is already installed windows xp. Just try it out and tell me how effective is it. Here is the method,

These are the instruments that you need.

1. USB Flash drive ( At least 4Gb capacity)
2. Windows 7 ISO file ( You can burn a image file of Windows 7 using an another computer)
3. Daemon tools ( A software)
4. WinSetupFromUSB. 0.2.3 ( A software)

First copy the Windows 7 ISO from the pen drive to your hard disk.

Then install Daemon tools on your computer. If you don't have the software visit and download it.

After installation you will see an icon in the task bar near the clock indicating daemon tools. Then left click over that icon and mount the windows 7 ISO file that you have already copied to your hard disk.

Then download "Win SetupFromUSB. 0.2.3" from the following site. To see the download icon go down the web page. . Then install it on your computer. Run that program.

Open up the program WinSetUpFromUSB. Now, make sure that under "USB Disk Selection" the flash drive you intend to use is recognized and selected. Make a back of your data of the USB drivebecause the program will format it. Click on the button "RMPrepUSB",In that pop-up window (RMPREPUSB window) select the following options

Then you should click the tab called "Choose folder" at the bottom of the pop-up window and show the virtual drive you have made with daemon tools.

Now you are ready to format the USB Drive. So Click on the button called "Prepare Drive" to make your bootable USB Flash drive. A command promptish window should appear, wait for it to finish.

After it is done click EXIT in the RMPREPUSB window. Then in the remaining Windows look under "You may also add:" and check the second bullet "Vista/7 setup/PE/Recovery ISO". Click the the "..." button next to the selection to browse for ur mounted ISO. Select the virtual drive and click OK.

Then look at the bottom of the window and click on "GO" button. Then the process will start. This may take several minutes to end. Because it will copy the files from your virtual drive to the USB Disk. During this process you may receive a error "Could not install grub4dosector...". Just click OK and it'll continue.

After copying those files it will give a "done" message. Then click "EXIT" and close all the windows. Now this is the time to remove the USB Flash from the computer (Safe removal).

Then restart the computer and go to "BIOS screen" by hitting "DEL" or what ever and change "First Boot Device" in to "USB-ZIP" under "Advance Bios Set Up"

Then save it and plug the USB Drive. Then restart the computer. Then it will boot from the USB drive and install your windows as usual. Enjoy Windows 7.

I have done this several times and it is very easy as well. Anyone can do.

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