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Monday, August 6, 2012

New !! Customize Your Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a most recently created web browser. It is a very user friendly web browser and it is very past. This also has various options that most of the people didn't come across. Thats why I decided to Write this article for people who don't know how to arrange the components of Google Chrome as they wish. Here are couple of tips for that. If you don't have Google Chrome, get it here now for FREE.


Customize Startup:

First I am going to tell you how to customize your startup pages. Most of the browsers let you to select a "Home Page", but Google Chrome went one more step further. That is it allow you to load multiple pages at startup. Just think you want to load "Google" and "Yahoo" at the same time just after you double clicking Google Chrome icon. Then you have to do the followings;

Open your Google Chrome by just double clicking on Google Chrome icon. Then you will see a "wrench" mark on the top left hand corner of the window.

Then a drop down menu will appear. Select "Options" from that menu. Then you will see following window. Press add button in that window

Then you will see a list of you recently visited sites. Select what ever you want to load at startup and click on "add" tab at the right bottom. I the site you want is not in the list, simply type the web address of the site in-front of the tag called "URL" and just click "Add" tab.

Now you are done with It. Press "Close" and restart the Google Chrome. Now you will see both the pages are loaded at same time.

Restore and cycle through tabs:

It's pretty annoying to close a tab by accident and then realize that you are not sure how to get back to that page. Chrome makes that easy to restore up to Ten tabs you have already closed. What you have to do is just press Ctrl + Shift + T.

Now you know how to reopen the tabs you just closed accidentally.

Manage Chrome's Memory usage:

quite often Chrome slows down for me. When it happen close all the tabs except one tab, then reopen them all. You may have to do this on and off, because the Google Chrome is a memory hog. You can close tabs by pressing Ctrl + W

Pin a tab on the browser bar:

If you open a bunch of tabs, the label of the tabs become invisible. I you going to visit a site repeatedly during this session you can "pin" it. When you pin the page it can be found easily and it will not close accidentally. To do this right click on the tab that you want to pin and select the option called "Pin Tab" If you want to "unpin" do the same procedure again. These all will lost when you close the browser.

I think I gave you some idea on Google Chrome. Try them out. I'll send more posts on these type of tricks. Until then keep in touch with my blog.

Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions.
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